An excellent live-streaming platform is Bigo Live. To link consumers globally via live video, it began in 2016. It lets users show their talents. They can interact with audiences and build a community. The platform supports diverse content, from gaming and music to lifestyle and education. Bigo Live offers features to improve user experience. They include Bigo recharge for buying virtual gifts and in-app currency. Users can partner with services like U7BUY. They can use them to manage transactions. This makes Bigo Live a versatile and engaging platform for creators and viewers.


Bigo Live offers robust features that make it a dynamic platform for users. One notable aspect is its seamless integration with It makes in-app purchases easy and enhances the user experience.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the core feature of Bigo Live. Users can broadcast live videos to a global audience. They share their talents, hobbies, and daily lives. The platform supports high-quality video streaming. It offers tools to engage with viewers, such as live comments, virtual gifts, and games. This feature lets users build a personal brand. They can also connect with followers and earn money. They do this through virtual gifts and sponsorships.

Video Chat

Bigo Live has a video chat feature. It lets users connect with friends and strangers. They can do group video calls. The goal of this function is to promote in-person communication. The video chat service has high-definition video and smooth performance. It ensures a pleasant communication experience.

Social Networking

Bigo Live serves as a social network to being a live-streaming platform. Users have the option to follow their preferred broadcasters. They can join communities based on shared interests. They can interact with others through comments and messages. The platform’s social networking capabilities help users expand their social circles. They find new content. They stay connected with the latest trends. They also track the activities of their friends and followers.

In-app purchases and Virtual Gifts

The in-app purchases and virtual gifts system is a significant aspect of Bigo Live. Users can buy virtual gifts using Bigo Live coins, which can be obtained through U7BUY. These gifts can be sent to broadcasters as a token of thanks. They add to the streamers’ earnings. The platform also has many packages and promotions. They encourage users to engage more deeply with the app’s ecosystem.

Filters and Effects

Bigo Live makes live streaming and video chats more fun. It does this by providing many filters and effects. Users can use beauty filters, stickers, and effects. They can use them to improve their look or add fun to their broadcasts. These tools help users to customize their streams. They allow users to attract more viewers and keep their audience engaged. The filters and effects are often updated. They offer new and trendy options. Users can experiment with them.


Bigo Live has many features. These include live streaming, video chat, and social networking. Bigo recharge and U7BUY enhance these features for seamless transactions. They create an engaging and rewarding experience for Bigo Live’s global users.


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