HOS  party wear dresses for women compiles the collection of finely detailed and unique designs you can get your hands on. These funky

Party wear dresses for women  are finely printed and are versatile, timeless and embrace feminine form. These can be easily styled and at HOS there’s a party dress for every ornate event and every body form. These are fabricated in tremendous designs, ranging from casual to formal.

Party wear dresses for women:

  1. HOS SATIN PARTY WEAR DRESSES – These have a lustrous and elastic fabric with a silky drape that is extremely gleaming. Take a look through HOS satin dresses for those vibrant colours that will effortlessly blend fashion and comfort.
  2. HOUSE OF SAL WRAPPED DRESSES – A wrap dress is generic term for a dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other, forming a V-shaped neckline. The lightweight wrap dresses are a game changer. Not only we provide unique colours but also figure highlighting cuts that will add personality and class to the whole apparel.
  3. HOS SHORT OR MINI PARTY DRESSES  – HOS compiles a varied collection of ruffle, front knot and back knot dresses that radiate suaveness.
  4. HOS SHIRT DRESSES – A shirtdress is a style that has characteristics of a man’s shirt. These  include a collared and cuffed sleeves. Often, these dresses are made up in solid fabrics and buttoned fronts are a commendable fit.


HOS variety of midi dresses accentuate the feminine form while offering subtle designs for any occasion. With a hemline that falls between the knee and ankle, midi dresses create a flattering silhouette that is both polished and chic. Our best midi bestsellers are Black A-Line Dress, Ukiyo Dress, Sunset Satin Midi, and Long Midi Dresses. The flowy prints and classic solids are ideal outfits.


If you’re looking for stylish coord sets then you need to check out HOUSE OF SAL coord sets collection for women as we provide bold prints and refined detailing.
What are coords and why should you add them to your wardrobe for different occasions? They are coordinated two-pieces and have been worn by both men and women for ages. Catering to contemporary fashion nowadays they’ve become more varied.  Coords are a no-brainer when it comes to effortless fashion plus they are quite comfy.

HOS coord sets patterns: 

  1. HOS PRINTED COORD SETS [floral, printed, etc] – HOS has various graceful coord set designs that are perfect for your beach vacations and even simple brunches with friends.
  2. HOS SATIN COORD SETS – These portray luxurious sophistication and are ideal for elegant dinners, date nights and parties. The plush fabrics make these coords trendy.
  3. HOS COORD-SKORT SET – HOS’s wrap skorts with shirts in distinctive shades and prints are an epitome of smoothness. These are produced with high quality fabric.


The floral and sultry Goa vacations entails a bold wardrobe full of warm toned hues or tints. Explore the latest styled Goa dresses for women at HOUSE OF SAL as we feature several short dresses, printed dresses, layered dresses, maxi and several short dresses. We guarantee extensively on supersoft and breathable fabrics so that you can beat the heat. The nature inspired prints as well as symphony of contrasting colours are perfect for your Goa outfits.


Contemporary fashion is constantly changing and at HOS, we keep up with the fashion vogue. Party dresses, midi and Goa dresses, and co-ords sets for women are among these enduring staples and at HOS these ensemble garments are designed to celebrate the beauty and exclusivity of every woman.




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